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engineer_vinay • Nov 14, 2007

problem in instaliing windows on P-3 system

Hi ,

I am facing problem in installation of any windows o.s. in my P-3 system.
it is giving blue screen message(Memory dump....) before loading files.

Would anyone help me that problem is from mbd's BIOS or from any other .Pls. also give solution.

Thanks in advance.........
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 14, 2007
Are you sure that the problem is with the BIOS?

1. Are you performing a clean install or an upgrade?
2. What's your systems' Memory?

-The Big K-
engineer_vinay • Nov 14, 2007
My system has 128 mb ram and i am doing clean installation.
LORD_EC • Nov 15, 2007
Please mention which OS are u tryin to install ? If its windows XP, then let me explain u that XP works only on those system with cache L2 cache of more than 1MB (correct me if im wrong)
Do chek ur motherboard manual.
Then post ur response.

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