Mandar Shinde
Mandar Shinde
23 Jul 2018

Positions for electrical engineer in industry? Which is the best?

like  maintaince  engineer,etc...


23 Jul 2018

@Mandar - Not sure how to answer your question correctly, because the positions can be named anything, depending upon the role. So you could have -

  1. Maintenance engineer
  2. Associate electrical engineer
  3. Product development engineer
  4. Field Engineer
  5. Systems engineer
  6. Algorithms engineer
  7. Assistant engineer
  8. Senior Engineer
  9. Junior Engineer
  10. Proposal Engineer
  11. Hardware Design Engineer
  12. Security Engineer
  13. Technician Engineer
  14. Applications engineer
  15. Project manager
  16. Electrical Power Engineer
  17. Controls Engineer
  18. Electrical Estimator
  19. Lov-Voltage / High Voltage Engineer
  20. Instrumentation Engineer

...and so on.

Frankly speaking, it's impossible to compare these positions; because there is no common ground. If you tell us what parameters you wish to have for comparing them, someone could make a recommendation about the best position.

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