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02 Mar 2016

Pollution Free Vehicle

Project Abstract / Summary : My project title is "Pollution Free Vehicle". It is basically an electric vehicle propelled by an Induction Motor & power supplied from rechargeable battery.
The motor is a 3-ph- Squirrelcage Induction motor.The battery used is Lithium Polymer-ion batery .And the ckt. involved in this are Inverter ckt., Rectifier ckt., Cycloconverter ckt. Here Inverter is used to convert DC to AC to give supply to motor from battery, Rectifier ckt. to covert AC to DC for charging the battery & Cycloconverter is used basically for controlling drive by variable frequency drive technique.
The motor horsepower used depends basically on type of load:
1.Light load - 4 to 20kW,
2.Medium Ioad - 40 to 60kW,
3.Heavy load - 80 - 110kW.
Battery of range 24kWh, 36kWh & 48kWh respect. are used depending on the motor rating. The can be charged at battery charging stations having Solar panel on top of the roof.
The advantage of electric vehicle is that:
- low maintainance cost as compared to both fuel run vehicle or DC motor drive vehicle
- low running cost
- smooth control of speed
- high starting torque
- no Pollution
- less noise
- less time for pickup
- high efficiency
- less cost
- more mileage

- more space availability.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : As the name completely describes the focus on to decrease the pollution which is one of the major problem which world face today. As an engineer tries to solve the problem of people in a sustainable way, so myself as an engineering student like to focus on Pollution to decrease it's level whose adverse effect we are facing in our daily life.
Global warming which cause increase in temperature of the earth, extinction of species, melting of ice which cause increase in water level & decrease in land area, affecting health of living beings & that Global Warming is caused by Air Pollution created by Locomotive for mobile applications, industries, etc. So we have to find solution for this, I have found electric vehicle as a solution for this as to decrease the Pollution caused by vehicles. And the charging of batteries can be achieved by setting up battery charging stations which has Solar panel over its roof. In this way we can decrease the Pollution to much greater extent.

Project Highlights : My project should win this contest as it is a nice solution for decreasing Pollution level from our environment. As to decrease the Pollution we are focusing on to decrease the use of fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel, etc. As we reducing the use of combustible fuels the import of this fuels also decrease & indirectly the economic growth of our country increases as more expenditure of our country is on import of Petroleum fuels, so by decreasing the expenditure our money will be more profitably utilized for our development of our people in health, education, security forces & research.
Thus, my project is one of the best having small idea & it has more advantages for mother nature, human & for our country.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Vadodara Institute Of Engineering
City: Vadodara
State: Gujarat
Participating Team From: Third Year

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