30 Jun 2018

Please suggest me the topic for mini project which is related with civil engineering.....

30 Jun 2018

@Nikita‍  - welcome to CE. Have you searched the Internet for any topics? If yes, please share them with us so that we can help you pick the right one. 

01 Jul 2018

Ok Sir...Topics are 1)Clean our rivers in cheaper way

2)NaVlc vs GPS- which is better? 

3)Survey of construction material resources in particular Area 

4)traffic survey 

5)optimisation of structure 

6)modern method of construction 

& Sir You may suggest a topic in such a way that which is helpful for last year project

01 Jul 2018

@Nikita‍ - For the first topic, look at https://www.crazyengineers.com/threads/can-we-clean-our-rivers-in-cheaper-way.101029/

GPS vs NaVIC seems ain't a civil engineering topic. 

01 Jul 2018

Thanks Sir....I will see & tell you latter

01 Jul 2018

Sir as a initial step of our project what should we do..???please give me some advice about that

01 Jul 2018

Once the topic is finalised, you should approach your project in a systematic way -

1. Determine the overall scope of your project : What will your project do, what are going to be its main features etc. You should write it down.

2. Then you should start collecting as much information you can about your project. 

3. Let's say you're working on better construction of public squares project. You'll have to find out what are the main problems your project aims to solve or 'study'. Collect as much information you can. 

If it's an analysis project, you should be able to reference to study papers already available related to the topic. 

4. Prepare the report as per the format specified by your college or University. 

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