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Shweta Menghani
Shweta Menghani • Apr 7, 2016

Please provide right direction for my career

Hello sir please help me
My acads diploma + BE in information technology which many is coding projects major projects being in security and network domain in java and internship in Web development with php my sql java script for 3 months from a very renowned engineering school after that landed up in a job in renowned telecom operator company in security domain which deals with LTE network architecture and 10 months I make a move from their to a renowned product based company to the vendor site as QA engineer hoping the second job will be technical and with tools but the sadness it's only manual testing it's been an year my total work ex is 2.4 I want to switch to another job as in current job there is nothing more to learn..

Please guide me where shall I go I am highly motivated I wish to outperform but I need direction where shall I go..I am capable enough to geat into any technology related to my interest but problem is it seems I probably have interest in many things. .

Shall I switch my job to product based companies that work on the lower protocol layers as a log analysit by learning c c++ etc or shall I switch my job in IT companies service sector by learning automation tools and automatic testing.

Please help as for many my job package is very important as the package goes on increasing it motivates me to work more and more and more
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 7, 2016
Welcome to CrazyEngineers, @Shweta Menghani . It's actually a good thing that you're interested in many things that my directly or indirectly impact your career. Instead of treating is as a negative trait, think of it as your plus point.

It's true that manual testing gets monotonous and boring after a while and the next logical jump is to explore the field of automation. However, it's very important that you pick up your domain before you make the jump. Follow these steps -

1. Find out what all an automation testing profile has to offer and check if it looks interesting to you. With your curiosity and ability to learn tools and technologies - you'll have ample opportunities to grow.

2. If it's the development side of things that attract you more - find out what profile you'll get into and what roles/responsibilities you're likely to get.

3. Be aware that the package you'll receive will be a function of several factors. It's better to settle with a domain that you find more interesting and keep growing in it (thereby getting more salary) than job hopping every few months. However, that's my personal opinion based upon observing several candidates over a period of time.

Also, you'll find out that there are too many things to learn because the technology keeps improving and no matter how much you learn, there will also be something new on the horizon. Keep that in mind and keep making progress.

If you have more questions, throw them in. Enjoy your journey with CrazyEngineers 😀

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