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saptm • Aug 8, 2011

Plastic parts used in Automobile

Hy Guys,

Lets Play a Game..... 😁

Write all the Plastic parts you know which are used in Cars or Trucks in Proper Technical Term.😁

The Point will be given on the basis of How precisely you wrote about the part i.e. Specification,Size,Way of Manufacturing,Machines Used in Manufacturing,Brand Name etc.

If you specify more about it you will get more points.

Lets see who will win this game.😎
saptm • Aug 8, 2011

1. Product- Door Handle
Specification - Honda CRV Handle
Material - Polypropylene Plastic
Way/Method of Manufacturing - Injection Moulding
Machine Used - GLOBAL Screw Injection Moulding Machine
Brand - GLOBAL Guangdong China (Mainland)

This is one of the way of writing.

So enjoy the game guys 😀 😀 😀

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