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Oral-B Genius Smart Toothbrush Uses Your Smartphone To Monitor Your Brushing

Apart from the smartphone launches, the Mobile World Congress is also a platform for companies to show off their new connected devices. Oral-B took to the floors at MWC yesterday to showcase their new connected toothbrush called the Oral-B Genius. The Oral-B Genius isn’t your common modern electric toothbrush; it takes oral hygiene to the next step. The Oral-B Genius knows which parts of the teeth you have missed while brushing and encourages you to go over again. Oral-B Genius does this with the help of Position Detection Technology that combines the motion sensors on the toothbrush and video from your smartphone camera. That’s right your smartphone camera needs to be facing you while you are brushing your teeth in the morning or night. For this Oral-B is selling a smartphone mount that attaches to your bathroom mirror.

Oral-B Genius (1)
Oral-B Genius (2) Oral-B Genius (3)

When you brush with the Oral-B Genius, you get to see a live feed on the new Oral-B App 4.1 where you see how much time you have spent brushing a particular part of your mouth by applying how much pressure on that area. We have to mention here that the Oral-B has an oscillating-rotating-pulsating brush head to keep your teeth clean. If the smartphone app thinks that you are applying too much pressure on your gums which could harm them in the long run, the Genius slows down the rotation of the brush head and stops the pulsations. Even if you haven’t switched on the smartphone app, the native timer on the Genius makes sure that your brush each region of your teeth for 30 seconds and the total duration of brushing is at least two minutes. As an added vanity feature you can choose which colour appears on the smart ring of the Genius with the help of the smartphone app.

The Oral-B Genius comes with six brushing modes which can be chosen before each brush cycle. The Genius is powered by a rechargeable lithium-on battery which on a full charge can last for two weeks. In the travel pack the company is throwing in a battery pack that can be used to recharge not just your toothbrush but also your smartphone. All this technology doesn’t come cheap as the Oral-B Genius is expected to cost $250 (17,140 INR) when it is put on sale in the month of July 2016 in select markets.

Source: Oral-B via SlashGear and Oral-B on Twitter

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