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Opera 43 Loads Web Pages Even Before You Hit Enter

Opera has been at the forefront of browser innovation. Opera has been the first browser to introduce native ad-blocking, power saving and free VPN. Opera is now out with another innovation and it is available on the version latest version i.e. 43. The new feature is called instant page loading which coupled with native ad-blocking, page-load optimisation and faster start-up allows you to open the same website four times faster. Instant page loading works in the following manner. It predicts which website you are typing in the address bar and begins loading the website in the background even before you hit enter. The system gets smarter by learning your web habits. For example if you like to visit our website multiple times a day it shall remember to preload the website when you begin typing the URL. If the web page you are using has a ‘prerender’ tag it shall also do the same faster page load.


The next step toward a faster browsing experience is Profile Guided Optimisation or PGO. What is PGO anyway? It’s a compiler technique that can make software run much faster on Windows. PGO can help the compiler to recognise Opera task and help it perform faster. This has resulted in 13% faster browser start-up as compared to the previous version 42. Opera has also added a basic feature on the Opera 43 that is essentially for power users but has been ignored by other browsers. On Opera 43 when you click-and-drag a hyperlink you select the text and when you do the same vertically you can drag the link. Now, this feature isn’t revolutionary but shall help you nonetheless while selecting text from a hyperlink.

Source: Opera

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