Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya
Electronics and Communication
25 Aug 2008

One Suggestion: CE conference at the Top of the site

here i am going to give you one suggestion..

is it possible to Set CE conference at the Top of the site rather than set to bottom... at every time we have Scroll Down for View that is there any new reply or not just a suggestion if there is any loading or any other site relating problem then ignore this Post


26 Aug 2008
Re: One Suggestion

This suggestion has been posted couple of times. However we are not moving the CE Conference at the top of the site.


Because CE Conference is meant for casual interaction with CEans who are logged in simultaneously. Also, putting CE Conference at the top might attract technical queries in CE Conference - something we want to avoid.

Also, we do care about the first impressions that users get. That's the reason, CE Conference is at the bottom of the forum index page.

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