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smriti • Mar 10, 2012

Official Fedora Linux Remix Now Available For The Raspberry Pi

The Fedora Linux has finally arrived for the Raspberry Pi, after much delay. The Fedora Linux version is titled as the Fedora Linux Remix and is the recommended Linux distribution for the credit-card sized $35 computer. This linux distribution is based on Fedora 14 and is available along with versions of Debian and Arch Linux for the Raspberry Pi.

The Fedora Linux Remix is titled so as it adds to the Fedora ARM software packages, a few additional packages that are modified from the Fedora versions. These additional packages comprise primarily of libraries needed for accessing the VideoCore GPU on the Raspberry Pi and otherwise cannot be added in the original version due to licensing issues.


The operating system comes as an SD card image consisting of a little over 640 packages, allowing both text-mode and graphical interfaces. A number of programming languages, applications, system tools, and services for both environments contribute to the OS as well. There is also a huge abundance of software packages in the Fedora ARM repositories which can be installed on one's machine using the Internet, in order to customize the system.

Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix packs programming languages like python, Perl, Ruby, bash with 'Git' set as the version control. System administration tools which can be either command line or graphical are also available for ease of configuration with command-line and graphical tools for installing, removing and updating software. Editors required for programming are available in the form of vim(text mode) and gedit with handy plug-ins for  for file management, terminal, and python console.

You can download the Linux distributions here.

Source: ZDNet Image Credit: pcper

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