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multicoder • Feb 7, 2009

Not getting satisfactory results eventhough capable of doing lot of in the Career....

Hi All,
Can u help me out for little bit on this..?I am trying to explain my position or point of view here in detail.

I did my graduation from one of the best engineering college , K J Somaiya .I was a brilliant student thrugh school days too.I had secured PCM 94% in XIIth.But later during my 2nd year due to family problem n some health problem too I got sliped off the track slightly.But I knw its nt worth blaming the situation anywhere for something.

So I just want to do the best possible with my career with whaterver I am today or of course improving it if needed in any case , during this present conditions.

At the starting I struggled to get the job in IT( Since I always dreamt of being as an software engineer !though I did eng from EXTC stream!!), but I managed to get one though its v poor one! But here also I am doing my best! And also they are pretty much happy with my performance,my boss must be thanking to recession otherewise the somaiyati guy like me wuld never had came to such organization..!!

Currently I am working on php (the lowest level of techn in IT as as many say it!),

I am intermediately proficient in java but I knw its not enough.I dnt hav work ex in java! SO iniatialy I thought to get it by doing my own project , so had installed netbeans on my laptop too! But I culd not get proper guidance so I left dat idea n started with C++,Becoz I thought it wil be easy for me to get proficient on C++ quickly and suceedingly to get the job in some good MNC on 1+ yr expeieance !

Is it worth doing so? So plz suggest me wht shld I do to improve my career path……ur suggestion is anticipated..
shalini_goel14 • Feb 7, 2009
Re: Not getting satisfactory results eventhough capable of doing lot of in the Career

Hi multicoder,

1. Please look at the following link first: 😀

2. You can go for SCJP Exam man, if you are intermediately proficient in Java.

3. For any issues in Netbeans and Java, post your questions in Computer Science Section.

Hope I have helped you somewhere. 😀

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