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No Jelly Bean For Flash, HTML5 The Merciless

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by smriti, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. smriti

    smriti Apprentice

    The latest version of Android, titled Jelly Bean, is officially destitute of Flash Player support from Adobe. Starting August 15, Adobe will withdraw Flash Player Support for unsupported devices, including the recently unveiled Nexus 7 tablet. Though Android 4.0 users with old hardware will continue receiving Flash support and any future updates.


    The major reason behind this development is the growing popularity of HTML5 with more and more organizations investing in the same. Adobe has given in to the trend and has expressed a desire to focus on developing HTML5 apps, hence declaring Flash Player obsolete for the newer versions of Android.

    In case if a consumer wants to update his Android version to Jelly Bean, Adobe advises that any existing Flash Player on the device be first uninstalled. This is recommended in order to avoid any "unpredictable behavior" on account of the update. The paradigm shift we're seeing with the rise of HTML5, this might well be the end of Flash as we know it.

    Source: Maximum PC Image Credit: fanpop

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