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roonie • Oct 10, 2008

New to site: Question regarding CE's IM project

hello frnds im new to this community...... i went through your work of developing a msnger was indeed good... bt i cldnt understand how u people managed to discuss technical details of the project...
i m a cs engineer if there is any new thing cming .......😎
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 10, 2008
Re: new to site

Well, first of all, welcome to CE 😀 !

The CE Messenger project that we've been discussing (for quite some time now) is dormant right now. We've been collaborating with CEans with a background in coding / designing software so that we could build the IM.

I believe unless we set-up a team of CS college students or 2-3 enthusiasts who can take up the challenge of building the IM for us, things won't move ahead. The technical details are in place and there are lots of different views about features, functionality etc. The whole project needs dedicated efforts from a bunch of CEans who want to turn the CE- IM dream into reality.

...and this will happen in near future. We look forward to your coopration.

[PS: It is requested that all our CEans follow CE Protocol and not use SMS text while posting on CE Forums]

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