Jasim Chouhan
Jasim Chouhan
Branch Unspecified
17 Jun 2016

New in Bangalore

Hello CEans
Myself Jassem from Jaipur , I just completed graduation in btech(IT).
I am going to Bangalore in next month to make career and sharp my IT skills as well as communication skills So,
Is there any CEan from Bangalore studying or working?
Suggest me about some good java, Python institute, or things to know in Bangalore.
and can I find PG easily there?
17 Jun 2016
can I find PG easily there?
Hundreds are available.
See here for a sample: (Bannerghatta Road houses a whole lot of IT companies. Dairy circle is on this road.)
PG near Dairy Circle | Paying Guest in Dairy Cirlce Bangalore | PG near Accenture

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