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Need information about electrical wire colour coding

I am installing a light fixture. It has a live and neutral wire (blue and brown). Then, on opposite end of wires, it has a black and red (possibly the ground) wires which have their ends resting on two copper mounds. My ceiling has a ground and the two live wires (black and white). Before connecting the wires, would the blue or brown wire connect to the existing black or white wire? What do I do with the "extra" ground wire since the light doesn't come with the "green/yellow ground wire" described in the instructions? I think the instructions are for a different model of lighting. Thanks you.

Generally the red wire is the ‘live’ high voltage line and the black the neutral. If only two wires are available it means that there is no ground connection provided.

You should be alright connecting the black to black and white to red. Just insulate th enedof the yellow-green groundwire end and let it be.

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