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namste bot

Project Abstract / Summary : Namste bot is arduino based welcome bot.When a person is standing in front of it , it senses its presence and say namste followed by gesture of namste from hands. [​IMG]
this bot uses ultrasonic sensor which detects person in front of it sends signal to arduino which further give command to servo motors attached to hands and head to make namste gesture and also to voice modeule to start the message (which is prerecorded in ic). message is amplified and send to speaker at mouth.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : the project was interesting and alot new things i learnt while making it. the project included microcontroller on which i wanted to work. This project can interact with human (sense its presence) in which i am interested. Most interesting part was making it human like with hands face etc. its a kind of humanoid( not exactly)

Project Highlights : this project is prototype of welcome bots which can be placed at reception of hotels and with human interaction can be at enquiry counter.
It can be used for security purpose also. With amplfier(built by me) sound can be preety loud. with further upgradation like placing camera and image processing bot can be taught to recognise person say different welcome messages

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: jaypee institute of information technology
City: noida
State: ncr region
Participating Team From: Second Year

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