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03 Oct 2006

Multiple login problem

Re: Computer geeks and Hackerz


This is funny that we have to log on every time we intend to navigate through the links..😉
I logged in at least thrice before posting this reply...

If Big_K 😎 is reading...
"Plz sort this out or justify the use of multiple logins as once a member is in he need not give the passphrase untill he logs out."
03 Oct 2006
Re: Computer geeks and Hackerz

Hey hellmate!

Of course I'm reading. I am aware of the problem. There is an easy fix though.

1. Logout
2. Clear browser cookies and cache.
3. Login again. Done!

Don't be idle for long time, otherwise the session expires. Let me know if this works.

-The Big K-
P.s: We have a quick support, what say? 😉

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