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sureshbalu • Mar 8, 2016

Multi Harvester and Land Preparator

Project Abstract / Summary : Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. The feature of Indian agriculture system is that the farming land is separated into small segments and bulk production of agricultural goods is rare compared to the western agricultural systems where the plantation of crops is in large scale. In order to reduce the human efforts and to increase the productiveness, there are a large number of agricultural equipment’s invented. But most of them are best suited for bulk cultivation systems. Farmers cultivating in small area of land still have to follow the traditional way, were human efforts plays a major role.

Nowadays with increase in price and salary wages of the agricultural workers, it becomes more difficult for the small scale land owners to carry on their agricultural activities. Our product “Multi harvester and Land preparatory” aims at bringing a useful and efficient way for harvesting the crops like ground nut, turmeric, onion, potatoes, etc., which previously involved intense human work to accomplish the task.

Our product comes as an attachment for a farming tractor. It consists of a plate, a conveyer belt and a collecting system. The plate digs into the soil and uproots the plant. It then passes through the conveyer belt where the soil is spilled back to the land and the product is transferred to the collection tank. The simple design enables to reduce the cost of the product and the work is completed with the assistance of few people alone. The same system can also be used for removing the land which is full of loose stones all around. These stones can be removed off from the farming land and this enables the farmer to prepare the land further and making it a cultivatable land.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Agricultural activity is day by day getting reduced due to unavailability of labors for harvesting root crops. There were many equipments developed for other activities like land preparation but still now there no such equipments were properly developed for harvesting root crops. In order to solve this serious issue i took this topic and developed an equipment that has successfully solved these issues.

Project Highlights : With out agriculture there would no life of humans and we step forward for the betterment of agriculture through our project that would surely help the farmers for harvesting process. Supporting agriculture will be give first preference every where so we belive in our success.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Institute/College Name: kongu engineering college
City: erode
State: tamilnadu
Participating Team From: Final Year

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