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Nimayranjan • Feb 7, 2016

motor selection for a particular load

hello everybody, I'm working on a project on wireless trolley.
I'm not able to decide the motor specification.
so need help, load is nearly 100kg and I want to use dc motor.
Hello friend,
objective of your project is very innovative.
as per information provided about weight i think two of wind shield wiper motor suits you best, of torque rating more than 70 kgcm each. This is for slow trolley.
lal • Feb 22, 2016
You have to figure out the maximum speed and torque you require on the wheels. They you got to figure out if you're going to use a gear box or belt drive. If a gear box is used, you can now calculate the maximum speed and torque at gearbox input and that's now the motor specs.

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