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adeptish • Jan 27, 2009

mobius gyroscope

Surely a crazy idea but here goes...

would a magnetised mobius girdle integral to a gyroscopes equator exhibit an anti-gravitational effect?

how about counter rotating (as above) gyroscopes, on the same axis?

Mobius gyro drive anyone?
raj87verma88 • Jan 27, 2009
This is quite something. Never thought about it.
By equator do you mean the spin axis or the input axis or the output?
And I did not understand the term "Mobius Girdle". Mobius I think means moving or movable and girdle is a belt or kind of belt. Is this what you mean? A moving belt?
adeptish • Feb 10, 2009
Mobius = one dimension.
Gravity= two dimension.
Static gyroscope= three dimension.
Spinning gyroscope=four dimension.
Spinning Mobius gyroscoppe.....

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