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Eqbal Nasim
Eqbal Nasim • Mar 7, 2016

Missed call based automation system to control wastage of power

Project Abstract / Summary : Title-Missed call based automation system to control wastage of power

Abstract –“SIM 900 based Control System” implements the emerging applications of the GSM technology. Using GSM networks, a control system has been proposed that will act as an embedded system which can monitor and control appliances and other devices locally using built-in input and output peripherals.Remotely the system allows the user to effectively monitor and control the house/office appliances and equipments via the mobile phone set by sending commands in the form of Missed call signal and receiving the appliances status. The main concept behind the project is receiving the miss call and processing it further as required to perform severaloperations. The type of the operation to be performed depends on the nature of the miss call. The principle in which the project is based is fairly simple. First, the miss call signal send and polled from the receiver mobile station and then the required control signal is generated and sent to the intermediate hardware that we have designed according to the command received in form of the sent message.

We have selected SIM 900 for our project. The missed call is send from the mobile set that contain commands which are then processed accordingly to perform the required task. A microcontroller based system has been proposed for our project. There are several terminologies that are used extensively throughout this project .

Keywords-GSM,microcontroller,RS232,relay,missed call

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : As,we know that everywhere there is a lack of power.the reason behind this is that we have a limited power but uses are more,but a big amount of power is wastad so our projec t aim is to controll the wastage of power and
and use appropiriate use where required.

Project Highlights : Because,we save the power which is the primary need of today enviroment without using any money as it is a missed call a missed call based,
As we know that most of the power is produced using the thermal power by
burning the coal so that global warming is increasing so,if we controll the wastage of power so less global warming occurs and efficent use of power
thats the reason our project should win.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Participating Team From: Final Year

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