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Migrate To Kobo Before Flipkart Shuts Down Its E-Book App On February 17th 2016

Most of you won’t be aware but Flipkart is shutting down its e-book store and app on February 17th 2016. Flipkart had announced that it would be shutting down its e-book service in the month of December. Since it was pretty much unnoticed by many, it sent a mail to all users yesterday asking them to migrate their e-books to Kobo.

Kobo email

If you have ever bought any e-books from Flipkart or availed one of the free giveaways you would want to follow the following steps to migrate your entire library of e-books to Kobo.

flipkart kobo

Visit the following promotion page on Flipkart:

and follow the instructions accordingly. If you do not have a Kobo account then you will be asked to create one in the migration procedure.

Author Opinion:

It’s sad to see that yet another digital content service from Flipkart has been unceremoniously shut down. Flyte, the mp3 store that housed an impressive library of songs was shutdown in 2013. We all know why Flipkart has shutdown this service, lack of interest from users as they are busy getting the same content freely thanks to piracy. Shutting down of Flipkart e-books would also prove to be a disadvantage to Flipkart as they do not have a counterpart to compete with Amazon’s popular Kindle service anymore.

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