23 Jul 2012

Microsoft's Camera-Based Stylus Concept To Work On Every Surface

Microsoft has always maintained that their camera-based stylus is a step into modern computing, and their researchers with this new tech claim that it'll be compatible on each and every type of screen. Researcher Andreas Nowatzyk along with his colleague Anoop Gupta has come up with a concept that employs a camera in a stylus that would trace the line of separate pixels as the stylus proceeds along the screen.


The camera would be mounted over the stylus at a particular angle, and data regarding the pixels shall be generated, and this data shall be transferred back to the computer wirelessly. To track it's own movement from its initial position, the stylus will show brightness pattern of blue pixels, that'd produce a pattern-based map using which the stylus could align itself. This device is still in a conceptual stage, and the decisions regarding the materialization of this concept are still pending.

Via: TheVerge

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