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Micromax Q80 EzPad With Ezmail aka 'Push Email'

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    Micromax Q80 is latest phone from Micromax with the push mail service called 'ezmail'. The price of Q80 is expected to be around Rs. 4999/- which makes it an economical choice for those looking for a low-cost push mail service. Let's have a quick review of features & tech specs of the Q80 phone and find out whether it justifies the price and more importantly, whether you should consider buying this phone.
    <h2>Micromax Ezmail:</h2>
    Micromax touts at the Ezmail feature which is company's own push mail service offering. Be notified that you will have to register on Micromax's Ezmail Service in order to push your emails directly from the server to your phone as soon as they arrive in your mailbox. Fill up the form in above mentioned link and MMX will setup the email server for you. All we noticed on the service page is your contact information and email address along with domain name. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the ezmail service by downloading this form or writing a mail to care@micromaxinfo.com. We however recommend filling up the online form for faster operations.
    <h2>Q80 Features & Hardware Overview:</h2>
    Micromax Q80 With Push Mail

    As you'd expect with any MMX device, Micromax Q80 is a bar style phone which operates in GSM- 900/1800Mhz and WCDMA-2100Mhz. The complete package measures 117mm X 60mm X 13mm and weighs only 118 grams. Nothing impressive about the 6.1cms, TFT QVGA (320*240) screen. More interesting feature is the presence of two cameras with 0.3 MP on the front and 1.3MP for the rear. Other features include FM radio (not sure whether FM recording is supported), Java Games, Bluetooth, integrated video player that supports 3GP and MP4. Videos are recorded in AVI format. The company promises talk time of about 5 hours, thanks to the Li-ion 1200 mAH battery. The standby time is promised at 5 days, which we should expect to be around 3-4 days depending upon your usage.

    Q80 is capable of face recognition - which we do not think is an important feature for mobile phones. Could be a great feature for tablets like iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, but definitely for a phone. The rear camera offers smile detection which is our favorite feature for capturing nice photographs. We'd not expect 1.3MP camera in terms of image quality though. The phone is also capable of video calling and supports Wi-Fi. Other features include NGPay and Nimbuzz mobile client which is quite handy for social networking. In addition, the company offers SNAPTU, Bloomberg TV, Newshunt and burnout game. The phone comes with standard charging kit, earphones, USB cable and driver software so that you can manage the phone by connecting it to your Windows PC.
    <h2>Is Q80 Worth Buying?</h2>
    The question you should first ask is - do you really need push mail? If yes, you might consider buying this phone. We think Micromax is targeting the business community which needs to be connected to mail servers for all important notifications. The phone will take care of all your daily mobile needs, but we do not expect it to click great photos - which is not what the device is intended to do. Micromax plays on the price front and you may want to opt for Q80 for an economical push mail phone.
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  3. hi its a nice mobile can anyone tell me what is its exact price and can it be connected to computer and used as a modem and is it available in the market...thnx
  4. aks


    correct your specification, it has 3.2 mega pixel camera at rear side.
  5. it will be around rs. 5000 inr
  6. WCDMA network works in INDIA or not
  7. Yes sir, it works in India.
  8. I just want to know it will support streming or not. Like youtube support
  9. But when it wlll b available on local shops
  10. I just got my Q80, super amazed by it. Unibody alloy construction (like those high end Apple laptops), optical trackpad, ezmail.

    Here is their forums, http://www.q80users.com/
  11. Can it be used as modem with PC?
  12. If you can't do a review, then don't. Why do such a poor review? You can't even get your facts right. A review should cover build quality, multimedia performance, connectivity, battery and service and warranty. You have only battery which was also just a speculation.

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