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Mechanized Beam Regulator for Driver Assisstance

Project Abstract / Summary : The project is mainly aimed at having intelligent adaptive headlights in cars in order to avoid accidents due to glare at nights.A camera, which is placed in front of the car detects oncoming vehicle in the opposite direction and makes the beam regulator change the high beam of the headlight automatically to low beam.Meanwhile the other side of the road is not affected and is still optimally illuminated so that other vehicles travelling in the road will not be affected.There is also a mechanism to distinguish between tail lights, head lights and road signs.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : The project is very much useful in reducing the risk of dangerous situations and helps in preventing accidents that takes place especially in highways during the nights.Since the system is automated, it also provides comfort and safety while driving.

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation
Institute/College Name: Easwari Engineering College
City: Chennai
State: TamilNadu
Participating Team From: Final Year

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