Devendra Pandey
Devendra Pandey
Branch Unspecified
30 Jul 2015

Making help in my last year college project

By the help on crazy engineer .com website we may got success in my last year project .
My project name is very grey water treatment plant with compacted area by the help of this site we will make a grew water treatment plant with limit space and handable and the project take less time and less cost and in my project we use timer and motar to realese water one tank to another tank with a time interval. So by the help of this site we make a innovative project in my institute

- By pandey devendra ramsingar
College: dr.bbba.govt.polytechnic. karad (D.P)
Internship @ dr.bbba.govt.polytechnic. karad (D.P)
Duration: 6 months

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