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M on Facebook Messenger suggests actions based on your conversations

Facebook Messenger has rolled out M, its digital assistant that can suggests actions based on your conversations on Messenger. Facebook has rolled out M on the updated versions of Messenger on Android and iOS apps in US. The suggestions by M feature will be rolled out globally soon. M sits quietly monitoring for keywords in your conversation. Once it spots an appropriate opportunity it suggests helpful actions in the chat. For example, if you are talking about a plan with your friend, then M can help you coordinate a plan. This might finally help you and your friends make that elusive trip to Goa.


The M will be responsible for suggesting stickers for daily conversations like ‘Thank you’ and ‘bye-bye’. If you are discussing about settling a payment then M gives you options of platforms that help you send or request money. M may also suggest you to share your location if the other party in the conversation requires it. In group conversations it can know if a conflict has aroused regarding any decision and it will suggest you to start a poll. If you are planning to go somewhere then M shall give you the option of hailing a ride with the help of Uber or Lyft.


M sits quietly in a chat and pops up when it wants to make a relevant suggestion. You can either accept the suggestion or swipe right to dismiss it. Even though M relies on AI machine learning techniques, we think that monitoring user conversations is not a good idea. Sadly you cannot opt out of M, you can only mute it. M will still have access to your conversations.

The updated version of Messenger will have a new tab called “More” where you will have access to Games, Payments, Share Location and Rides. You can now quickly add content like photos and videos with the help of long press.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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