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This is an old one that came up during Lyndon's presidential term.
Each letter stands for a unique digit zero to nine.
When the letters are replaced by the corresponding digits the multiplication should work out.
Alfred Hitchcock could not stand suspense himself and used to read the end of detective stories first. I do not like leaving puzzles dangling.
Once solved the solver knows that it is correct.
For those who want to get the answer, the solution is here: X B.doc
rahul69 • Apr 25, 2013
Got the answer😀 !! Sir u should have waited a little more to share the answer😔.
Anyways, really interesting problem 👍.
Congrats. Good that you got it. This is a straight forward reasoning puzzle. It first appeared in the Mathematical Games section (edited by Martin Gardner) of the 'Scientific American' in the Sixties.

The solution was put up for those who may not want to put in the effort to solve.

The answer is not open. You have to get the word file and open it to see it. It is not up front visible.

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