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09 Jun 2008

looking for a freelance cpld programmer

I am looking for a freelance CPLD programmer.
I am located in germany.

I want to have programmed an Altera MAX II device EPM1270 the following functions:

1 DMX Input-Thru, DMX512, 250kb/s or 1Mb/s

48 parallel PWM Outputs

500Hz PWM refresh rate

14bit resolution for all PWM outputs

Build in gamma correction table

External 256k EEPROM via SPI for dot correction

Automatic DMX addressing for daisy chain structure of EPM 1270 devices

Build in, autosensing of DMX512 with 250kb/s or 1Mb/s

I have also several additional project information ( Block Diagram, Pin
Description, Funktional Description, etc. )

There is also afully funtional evalution board availiable.


Branch Unspecified
10 years ago
I also working on EPM240/570 /1270 for DMX512 and LED display board control.
I located in Hong Kong /China.
If you are interested work with us .
Please send us more project information.
I could contact at e-mail:
I looking forward to hear from You Soon

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