10 Jul 2007

Logic Masters 2007

Hi CEans,

Check out https://www.logicmasters.in/ for the latest updates on Logic Masters

About Logic Masters -

We are pleased to announce the 2007 edition of LOGIC MASTERS, the annual national-level test to honour the best logical minds in India and to promote problem-solving and analytical skills in general. The team representing India at the 16th World Puzzle Championship in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in October will be selected on the basis of results in this national championship.

The preliminary round will be held on-line on Sunday 19 August 2007, while the finals will be held on Sunday 2 September 2007. Participants will be tested with Sudoku, Kakuro, Fence (Loop), Tents, and lots of other logical puzzles. This year, we also have three Junior categories and all participants will have a chance to win prizes.

For more details, see the Info page. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive regular updates.
Feel free to discuss Logic Masters 2007 in this thread 😁

-The Big K-

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