05 Jul 2012

Lockheed Martin's Samarai Maple Seed Inspired UAV

Lockheed Martin recently launched a video giving out details regarding the design of their latest Samarai Maple Seed-Inspired UAV, and also a little insight on the technology involved behind the winged ariel drone, which can be steered using a tablet. This new kind of flying drone is developed by making use of the maple seed and comprises of a small pod fixed to a single blade, known as the Samsari, the name being originated from the Latin word “samara,” meaning a winged seed.


Bill Borgia, head of Lockheed Martin’s Intelligent Robotics Lab, stated in an interview that instead of sending one or two expensive aircrafts to cover an imagery of a large area, many small cheaper aircrafts which are also expendable could be sent. The drones are procurable in both 30 and 17 cm variants and could be kept in a pocket and easily fired when obligatory.

Do check the video below:

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Via: TPM

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