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gaurav.bhorkar • Sep 13, 2008

Linux and Windows.

What is the main difference between the "LINUX" and "WINDOWS" ?
Which is more user-friendly.

What is the main difference between the "LINUX" and "WINDOWS" ?
Which is more user-friendly.

Definately WINDOWS is more user friendly and Linux is more secure. The thing is we require expertise to use Linux.. on Windows even a layman can work easily.

Regarding difference among them.. Though apples and oranges both are fruits.. still we can not compare apple with oranges....

shadeslayer • Sep 14, 2008
people find windows userfrendly bcause they use it from long time and many software devlopers make windows based softwares ,,but now linux getting poularity due to its vast advantages and i prefer to go for linux if possible
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 14, 2008
My take:

User friendliness is entirely a function of who the user is. I know people who are more comfortable with the VI editor than today's most modern text editors.

As far as the 'main' difference is concerned, Windows & Linux are two entirely different operating systems!
gaurav.bhorkar • Sep 15, 2008
What's the technical difference between them?
simple • Sep 15, 2008
Technical differences will be too many to list ...
-simply put these are two different Operating Systems
-when you say different OSs then you are going to have different filesystems, different programs for running the same applications for e.g. file manager, window manager etc.
-however the MAIN difference between these two is that
LINUX is an open source OS whereas windows is not
so this means if you want to look at the kernel codes and tweak around with stuff then you can legally do it for free with LINUX (maybe subject to a few minor conditions), however you cannot legally mess with whats "inside" windows ...
and besides you have google for loads of info on LINUX dude...
hope this helps...
c ya!!

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