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ShrinkDWorld • Jan 27, 2009

*$ Lift Mechanism$*{}

😁Have you Know About Lift Mechanism???😕

I want all information about lift mechanism.
If you know anythig, any site then post it's address..
I wnat to collect all matte about it.
so post them

you ae also welcome for project ideas about same topic!!

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 27, 2009
Have you tried searching on Google? Have you found anything yet? It would help if you could ask specific questions about Lift Mechanism.
gohm • Jan 27, 2009
Yes, it is quite a broad topic! We're all for discussing ideas or explaining specifics however you need to narrow down your topic a little. I'm sure you'd agree we don't have the space to list a complete history of vertical transportation! =) Let us know how we can help or what about vt you want to discuss gg_gaurav.

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