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Sahil Badani
Sahil Badani • Jan 30, 2016

LG Joins Payment Service Game, All Set To Launch Universal Card Next Month

The tech world looks like it is placing confidence in a report from Korea’s Electronic Times, according to which LG Corporation is ready with its payment solution, the ‘White Card’; which means if you’re not befuddled with the number of payments options that are there today, the South Korean giant presents before you another one.


That is not how LG looks at it, however. The White Card, for starters tries to fill in the loopholes in the payment services of the mighty Apple and Samsung, as well as smaller firms such as Coin and Plastc. The fact that the card does not require a smartphone is at completes odds with Samsung Pay as well as Apple Pay, and so, LG is clearly preferring the swipe over the app-fingerprint-hovering process. This should receive customer appraisal, at least in the initial phases.

The likes of Coin and Plastc have tried to erase the need of carrying multiple cards through their cards, but these have failed to become viable means for everyday shopping. Funnily enough, LG is trying to capitalise on their failures by the means of the same kind of ‘universal’ card.

The White Card will allow users to register their multiple plastic cards. Reportedly, it will also be able to withdraw money from ATMs. An LCD display added to the easy-going interface with basic controls will allow switching between registered cards and locking the device.


The leaked photo reveals a lot. A charge connector on the far left suggests that you will need to charge the card, and if that is not enough, we have no idea about how often or how much you will have to charge it.

LG has managed to bring a number of Korean card companies on board. It is looking at mass-orders deals for the White Card with manufacturing companies. Certainly, it is brimming with confidence before the launch of this new product.

We’re looking forward for the company to shed more light on the White Card, and the wait should end with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Source: Android Authority

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