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patil.inst • Nov 17, 2008

led display

i want to develop a circuit that gives output in form of dancing leds.the input to circuit is from magnetic pick up.
for eg:if rpm is from 2000-3000 then green leds must be on
3000-4000 then red
4000-5000 then yellow leds must be on and so on
rongo024 • Nov 18, 2008
U can use microcontroller's Input capture pin (ICP) function..
even simple comparators will do..
Eddy boy
Eddy boy • Nov 18, 2008
Nice idea!but which one?
patil.inst • Nov 19, 2008
can any one forward me circuits for this?Or is there any website where can i find this kind of information.
sachin_smart • Nov 19, 2008
u find it in,

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