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job generation for election system

Project Abstract / Summary : Topic:job generation for election system
As we know how to vote online. But we have created a software which ,automatically allocate the job for the to the government job people to do their work on booth.
The collector of that ctity simply press the button and job is allocated to the government employees .And the government employees have to first register the names unique number is provide to his/her.Then bhoots have to register the bhoots have unique number ,so they do not register repeadly.Then the collector get inform is informed that all are register and by special security by providing password . Allocate the job to all people.
And their is no need of paper and pen.Time is consumed.collector doesn't need to go here and there. Also this information is used next time.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : This is something new .And there is need of it.And this help to make the city smart .collector has many work to do and this will reduce their time and work load .As their is password for collector some security is theirtheir.

Project Highlights : Any one win their is no issue .But reason to chosse my topic is it is new. It help to improve the our country,city and state so it is important reason to win.if not then also it improve the country India.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: prmit&r
City: Amravati
State: Maharashtra
Participating Team From: Second Year

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