19 Mar 2017

Jio vs Idea Cellular + Vodafone : The fight is on!

India's top telecom service providers - Idea cellular and Vodafone have announced merger. It's no brainer that the two companies were taking steps to survive in the markets from the Jio domination. The merger has created India's largest telecom service provider that has total 40 crore customers!

Both the companies will now have access to better infrastructure and largest customer base. The challenge however remains how these companies will prevent consumers from migrating to Jio. I had been an Idea cellular customer for about a decade but I recently switched to Jio and I've no complaints. Idea tried to retain me by being active like never before. But they simply couldn't match the Jio offer.

It's hard to have loyal customers in India and I believe it's only the 'price' that determines the loyalty.

All this means - users can expect even more lucrative offers from Idea, Vodafone, Jio and Airtel! It's a win-win for consumers.

What say you?

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