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swaminathansami • Oct 1, 2016

It's Time to move Alternative fuels for Engines

In the world we are using automobiles such as bikes,cars,trucks etc., But we have do not aware of the emission from IC Engines.It is actually increasing day by day.It does not have any end.In engines we are using mostly Petrol or diesel only,these fuels are causes more emission such as HC,CO,NOX,PM etc.,I m not saying that we do not use vehicles but we have to control the emissions from engines.I read an article in THE HINDU 75% of air pollution caused by India says WHO.Air pollution kills 600,000 indians up to 2012.And 3/5th of 3million peoples died because exposed by Particulate Matters (PM).PM causes lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases.PM sizes might be 2.5 Microns or less.India having proud country which has most polluted city in the world which is the capital of our country Delhi.So only Delhi government takes action ODD-EVEN Rules.which reduce emission from vehicles.One article says that in delhi we are expose the air at one time which is equal to smoke 2cigarette.So we have to use alternate fules which reduction in emissions.Alternative fuels are Methane ,methanol,ethanol,hydrogen,biodiesel CNG,LNG etc.,These fuels are fully used which reduces the HC,CO.And Bio diesel blended with diesel also reduction in pollution. So think about that !!!Save the country!!Save the World!!!😀😀😀

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