Dijen Biswas
Dijen Biswas
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26 May 2016

IT jobs scenario in India

Now a days every student who wants to land in IT field in India is often get confused which career path will be best for him or her to have stable and growing career profile. Specially students from smaller cities have this problem because they don't have access to the real scenario of the IT jobs and also they don't have the proper guidance too. I'd like to know views of my CE friends on this and also want them to share their knowledge about the best IT courses in demand now a days.. Thank you.
IT Courses won't necessarily help. Most of the fresher level recruitment still happens in the college. It's true that engineering students from smaller cities or not well-known colleges find it difficult to get placed through campus.

The key to getting access to good job, is to move to a nearby IT hub: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc. and look for an opportunity. There are so many IT course offering companies that I'm skeptical about their effectiveness in offering placement assistance.

One way to find job I often recommend is that you should get in touch with your college's alumni network. This could be hard if your college does not have an active contact with its alumni; but if it does - you can have most of the problem solved with getting attention from the company.

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