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Is this the end of Moore's Law for engineering education?

Today's The New Indian Express - Bengaluru carries an item on 78 Engineering Courses being shut down in about 35 engineering colleges including some major ones because of lack of takers.

One principal said that even courses in computer science or electronics engineering have few takers.


Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 11, 2018

It had to happen. First they opened a ton of branches just to get more people to study almost similar topics. I could never understand why'd they need -  Computer Science, Computer Technology, IT, Information Science, Computers and Communications engineering and so on. 

Then another big reason is that the Internet is adding to the confusion. The information is getting flooded in the minds of people who can't make a choice on their own. Every selection is influenced by 'does it have a scope in future?'. Even the parents are confused and the students are clueless. 

The general trend I see these days is to go with 'conventional' engineering branches - like Mechanical or Civil or Electrical. Because after four years; even a civil engineer can find a job as a computer programmer. It's a chaotic situation. 

Why has the number of clearing JEE(advanced) fallen so low? Is this related to the malaise reported about closure of courses because of lack of takers?

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