07 Jun 2018

Is the Future grim for Solar Power?

Quote: The world may well be bound for the first of the two futures laid out here—and that’s terrifying. But there is cause for optimism: the second future is not science fiction, but rather still an achievable goal. To arrive at it, the world must address the many challenges of realizing solar energy’s sky-high potential—and that will require sharply increasing investment in innovation. Endquote


07 Jun 2018

I think Solar Power will actually power the world by 2050. There will be breakthroughs and countries like India leading the change. 

I'm however wondering, what's the deal with Nuclear power plants? Why can't we have enough of them? 

07 Jun 2018

For long I have been against nuclear plants.. All of the existing ones are fission plants. They create radio active waste with a a huge half life and are a menace to dispose off safely.

But it looks as though fusion power may come through ultimately. That is what powers the sun. Fusion does not result in radioactive waste. With zero carbon footprint it will be best for the environment.

It will happen . Hope sometime soon.

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