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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • May 4, 2012

Is a Hybrid Electric Aircraft possible? - Boeing's SUGAR Volt

The concept of developing a hybrid electric aircraft, is it a feasible option?
We can see that there are obvious drawbacks in carrying heavy batteries as a power source on long-distance flights.
So, NASA asked a Boeing-led team to explore the possibilities of a hybrid electric aircraft.
Boeing calls the project the Subsonic Ultra-Green Aircraft Research aircraft, or SUGAR Volt.
Boeing engineers targeted 2030-2050 as the timeframe that could see such an aircraft built and target a 70-percent improvement in fuel burn as a primary outcome. Along with powerplant innovations, Boeing's design also incorporates aerodynamic innovations.

The team has also considered the possibility of liquefied natural gas. However, that fuel would require significant changes in fuel-tank engineering and the fueling infrastructure.

Marty Bradley, Boeing Research and Technology, explains how the SUGAR Volt concept is defining the future of flight in this video -

I would like to know the views of CEans on this concept.

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