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dopey • Aug 10, 2007

IR Oscilloscope software

Have been searching for ages with no joy😔, does anyone know of any software that can use my laptops IR receiver and display the results as an oscilloscope.

Many thanks in advance,
Elisa • Aug 27, 2007
This is interesting. Do let me know if you find anything.
xheavenlyx • Aug 27, 2007
Dopey I am totally with you!!

I have been looking for a way to interface my laptop's IR reciever. HOWEVER there is a catch. Newer models do not allow you to do that, these IR are also known as CIR! or Consumer Infrared. Used mainly for Micro$hit OEM products like Medea Center and stuff. Basically it will be illegal for you to use for anything else.

But the older models might have a way to interface. Please remember if you ask a question dont be lazy, give me each and evrything about your laptop,

what does the IRr look like?
Is there a remote?
Which company/model laptop?
What OS?
What did you find online till now???

EVERYTHING!! If this comes through it will be an awesome project. I tried to reverse engineer the IR port but found just 2 files related to it. Ill post them later since they are on my laptop.
xheavenlyx • Aug 27, 2007
Here are some usefull links:
SOme Basic Q's on IR and IrDA.

Elisa if you got a laptopwith CIR port then help if you like 😀
Ooo, thanks for the links dude! I got an IR on my old Compaq laptop, N1000v. Could be useful.. hm.

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