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iOS App MathPix Can Solve Handwritten Equations

There is no one on earth who hasn’t got stuck while solving mathematical problems. Next time you are in a fix while solving mathematical equations you might want to reach out for your iPhone. Stanford PhD student Nico Jimenez advised by Stanford graduate Paul Ferrell dreamt of a smartphone app that could solve equations by looking at it. They teamed up with two high school students Michael Lee and August Trollback to develop the idea into an iPhone app called Mathpix that has come to the rescue of students all round the world.

MathPix (4)
MathPix (3) MathPix (2) MathPix (1)

The iOS app looks and feel like a regular camera app until you bring the on-screen rectangular box over the handwritten equation. Once the app highlights them as green by using image recognition it sends them to a server which is equipped with powerful deep learning algorithms that become better every time they get new data. The server then solves the problem and sends you the solution. The team at Mathpix is terming it as a learning tool by stating the fact that the app provides a step-by-step solution to the problem.

The Mathpix app can solve high school level algebra and graphing and calculus students in college can use it for solving integrals. One of the best things about the Mathpix app is that it is free to download. The app is a small one as well, just 9MB in size. There are a few issues with this app if we are honest. Currently is only available for iOS, it requires internet connectivity and you handwriting must be legible enough for the app to pick up. Overall the app is a good effort and you should check it out if you have an iOS device. You can get the app from the iTunes App Store and read more about it here.

Source: Motherboard

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