14 May 2012

Inviting Contributions To Our Skyscrapers & Infrastructure Sub-Forums


Construction of skyscrapers involves lot of extreme engineering and the same goes with a lot of amazing infrastructure projects. It's always great to know about the bigger construction projects going on around the world.

Why not share information about the big construction projects that you come across on the Internet? You may use the title format we're keeping in place to make it easier for the readers to get maximum information in minimum time.

I look forward to your contribution to our Civil engineering sub-sections 😀


Branch Unspecified
6 years ago
I think that this is a good starting point:

https://www.ejse.org/Archives/Fulltext/200101/01/20010101.htm -- "Evolution of Concrete Skyscrapers: from Ingalls to Jin mao"

Sorry that I give you only the link, but it's way too long to paraphrase it.

By the way, https://www.ejse.org/ is a nice structural engineering journal, it contains interesting articles. And it's free 😀

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