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Introducing myself - Feeling like the first class taken by my senior

Hello and a very good day!
I am Debasmita Banerjee (in short Demi) a third year undergraduate engineering student majoring in Applied electronics and instrumentation.
From here on I would post a small informal resume:

Current position and responsibility (except being an engineering student):
Intern at Saha Institute Of Nuclear physics (Non linear dynamics department) Under Prof A.N.S Iyengar
Vice president at Ti spie student chapter of International Institute Of Optics And Photonics
Coursera Learner Guide Under coordinator Miss Jade wang
  • Hobbies: Painting,Blogging,Playing with Musical instruments,traveling and hiking
  • Love For: Coffee,soft drinks and Coding and Crypting
  • Interest: Mathematics, Neurophotonics, Non linear dynamics
  • What do I fear: Narrow space( It really suffocates me)
  • Looking for: Great opportunities in research field. Blogging about the most amazing things
  • Goals: That's a secret ! But I think my next step will be MS/Mtech in a research institute
Nice to meet you all, and feeling awesome to be a part of something new and amazing!
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Dec 2, 2015
Welcome to CE @Debasmita Banerjee .
Awesome introduction.
Thank You so much,Sir

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