Lavanya Regula
Lavanya Regula
Branch Unspecified
28 Mar 2016


Project Abstract / Summary : Here the term intelligent represent that it can do multiple tasks like,
1. metal detection,
2. fire sensing and
3. transmission of voice through laser.
we can survive people if there is any danger explosion of bomb it can detect easily.It can acts as a fire sensor accurately even it is going to flush the water after a certain temperature limit. The amazing part is to transmit the voice through laser.The remarkable feature of laser is its high intensity over long distances because of its low divergence.And it is very economical. we can use this for communication between the neighbours instead of mobiles at low cost. this application is very helpful in case of military where we need to send the secret commands to paramilitary groups.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : to work on latest technology and to do something which is useful to the society and to enhance the knowledge in robotics field. the future scope is to transmit the media accurately not only voice at low cost and high efficiency.even the coming technology Li-fi also working on transmitting data through laser so i thought that it may helpful for further innovative creations.

Project Highlights : since all these projects related to engineering the main aim is to support the talent as well as innovative creations from the students so i thought that it might be something different from all project

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation
Participating Team From: Final Year

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