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Instagram to get more Safer with Blurring of Sensitive content and Two-factor Authentication

Making a case for safer and kinder operating environment, Instagram will now blur out sensitive images and posts shared on its platform. The new feature is all set to be available globally in the coming weeks. With its offensive comment temperance tool already in place, this new feature adds to the tools protecting community guidelines and safeguarding self-expression.
In accordance with the said update users may notice a screen over sensitive photos and videos when they scroll through their feed or visit a profile. Such photos or videos are usually reported by users and the new tool will blur often reported posts incorporating sensitive, abusive or violent content. Those who wish to see the post anyway, can simply tap on it to reveal the photo or video.

The two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to one’s account by requiring a code sent via SMS every time one logs in. Tapping the gear icon on profile and choosing ‘Require Security Code’ under Two-Factor Authentication update turns on the feature. Instagram had also recently added the ability to turn off comments on posts to curb harassment.

It is further scheduled to host on March 25 and 26, tens of thousands of Instagrammers from all over the world for Worldwide InstaMeet 15 to foster positive interaction among its user communities.

Source: InstagramBlog

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