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Rhea Indra
Rhea Indra • Sep 23, 2015

Infosys & Accenture Placement Experience

It was a great experience. Placements teaches a lot of things. One just needs to be content, cheerful and confident.

Accenture- The written test was conducted by Amcat- aspiring minds. We have been giving a number of online mock tests which helped a lot. For aptitute ,RS Agarwal was the book we prepared from. English section was quite easy. Basic grammar rules (especially Subject Verb Agreement) and previous years papers can be of help!
In the interview , there were 2 panelists per panel and 5 students. Each student was asked to speak on a current affair topic or any GD kind of topic (like extempore) they gave. Then each one of us were asked to explain our Projects and training and there were questions based on that. They basically check our communication skills and confidence.

Infosys- Conducted there Exam themselves. It mainly focuses on Verbal Section. Aptitude was easy. They took Technical cum HR interview , it was a 1 to 1 interview where they asked everything starting from resume details, project , training to deep subjects knowledge. In my interview (me being from EEE branch), he asked question from electrical subjects and then from C and OOPs and also asked to write coding in C or C++.From a total of around 2500, 300 students cleared the whole process.

Thank you 😀
Wonderful, thanks for the detailed post.
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Sep 23, 2015
Congratulation @Rhea Indra . 👍
What do you think about selection process? Which selection process you think is better?
Anirudh Anand
Anirudh Anand • Sep 23, 2015
@Rhea Indra .. Could you please tell me what were the sections in Accenture Aptitude teat and the timing for each section... I am having the first round of Accenture on Monday.

Thanks in Advance. 😀
Rhea Indra
Rhea Indra • Sep 25, 2015
There were questions from sections like time work ,time distance, percentage ,profit and loss. I dint had questions from geometry and mensuration. For more details you can check this page- 😀
And the only (a lil) complicated portion in the aptitude section was probablity and permutation combination. Time management is a big factor for accenture exam. 😀 All the best!
Anirudh Anand
Anirudh Anand • Sep 26, 2015
Thanks a lot..!! Hoping for the best.!! 😀

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