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14 Jan 2016

Influence on concrete due to incorporation of fly ash and nano silica

Project Abstract / Summary : The reported research examined the effect of SiO2 nanoparticles and fly ash on the mechanical properties of Nano-cement materials. The strength development of Portland cement with nano-SiO2 and fly ash was investigated. Nano-silica made cement paste thicker and accelerated the cement hydration process. Experimental results demonstrate an increase in the compressive and flexural strength of mortars with developed nanoparticles. And with increasing the Nano-silica content, the rate of bond strength increase was more than that of their compressive strength increase .The distribution of nano-SiO2 particles within the cement paste plays an essential role and governs the overall performance of these products. It is concluded that the effective dispersion of nanoparticles is essential to obtain composite materials with improved performance.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Scope of nanotechnology is vast, but in India its still unexplored. Various European countries have already started and implemented nanotechnology in the field of construction. The decision to take up this project was due to its unexplored nature and to study the various benefits of nanotechnology. With incorporation of nano particles, we give the engineers to design thinner but more safer structures, giving them the freedom to design freely. also, there will be reduction in use of construction materials thus, reducing the overall cost of construction.

Project Category : Civil / Structural
Institute/College Name: Rizvi college of engineering
City: mumbai
State: maharashtra
Participating Team From: Final Year

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